Accepted Papers

Full Papers

  1. Estimation and Prediction of Road Free Flow Speed with More Efficient DNN Map Matching Results [PDF]
    Shunlei Ning, Yuqin Jiang, Naiqiang Tan, Heng Liu, Jingbo Han, Hua Chai, Songjian Zhang, Shui Liu, Bo Zhang and Jun Fang(Didi chuxing)

  2. Uncertainty Quantification of Car-following Behaviors: Physics-Informed Generative Adversarial Networks [PDF] (Best Paper)
    Zhaobin Mo and Xuan Di (Columbia University)

  3. Reproducibility and Progress in Estimating Time of Arrival, or Can Simple Methods Outperform Deep Learning Ones? [PDF] (Best Paper Runners-up)
    Rami Al-Naim, Petr Chunaev and Klavdiya Bochenina (ITMO University)

  4. Neuroevolution for transportation applications [PDF]
    Toan Tran and Mina Sartipi (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga)

  5. Text Mining and Spatial Analysis of Yelp Data to Support Socially Vibrant Cities [PDF]
    Alexander Bendeck and Clio Andris (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Short Papers

  1. Towards Spatio-Temporal Cross-Platform Graph Embedding Fusion for Urban Traffic Flow Prediction [PDF]
    Mahan Tabatabaie, James Maniscalco, Connor Lynch and Suining He (University of Connecticut)

  2. Knowledge-aware Few Shot Learning for Urban Event Detection from Short Texts [PDF]
    Zhihang Li (Huazhong Agricultural University), Jinjin Guo (JD Intelligent Cities Research) and Zhichao Huang(JD Intelligent Cities Research)

  3. Anomaly detection in surveillance videos using transformer based attention model [PDF]
    Kapil Deshpande(IIIT-Allahabad), Narinder Singh Punn(IIIT-Allahabad), Sanjay Kumar Sonbhadra (Shiksha ‘O’ Anusandhan) and Sonali Agarwal (IIIT-Allahabad)

  4. Deep AutoEncoder-based Framework for Natural Gas Leak Prediction using Multivariate Outlier Detection [PDF]
    Khongorzul Dashdondov, Mi-Hye Kim and Kyuri Jo (Chungbuk National University)